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Getting started MC88V.

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Getting started MC88V.

Hi all,
I'm newbie in Cisco CMTS, i trying to setup ubr7225vxr with MC88V card in our lab.
I have many question, but most important thing for me is how to configure BPI and set MC88V card to work as DOCSIS 2.0 only and DOCSIS 3.0 (for e.g 4x DS as pure D2.0 and 4xDS as D.3.0).
Maybe some one can show me sample configuration?
I do not know where to start.
Many thanks.

Same Boat


I am in the same boat. Did you get the card to load? Im still in the process of loading the required IOS for the card to work. Please email me at if you have any tips or just in case I can help. I am in the process getting a tutorial from a CMTS engineer (paid of course) if I cant figure this out.


If you have sepecyfic req.

If you have sepecyfic req. for architectue we can make it out.
Contact me on the - I can setup you the ubr88 according to your req. and we can discuss the price.
If you would like to do it by yourself a mbowe gave you the very good link.