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Internal Speed-Test Server

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Internal Speed-Test Server

Any tips on where to even start with getting an internal speedtest server set up?

In the grand scheme of servers I'm a bit of a novice, so if you know what to do and have the time to go into exquisite detail I would greatly appreciate it.

you have several options:

you have several options:

1. ookla either their full bore speed test (~$1500 a year per server) or their Speed test mini free
flash based/html based -- this is what runs

2. using their api plans
html based

3. iperf uses software to test speed free
requires software on both client/server

4. write your own.


Mikrotik routers have built-in speed test servers. Just throw their software on a PC and pay the $45 license fee. Free speed tests forever using their btest.exe tool on your laptop. No web interface or anything, just a clean, point-to-point testing program. It's pretty intuitive.

I actually prefer to use them as a router in front of CMTS or other deployments, so it makes plant bandwidth testing really easy and eliminates Internet congestion as a factor in the results.

A lot of cable modes have

A lot of cable modes have build-in speed test using FTP. Not so accurate, but it's something...

I tried the technicolor ftp

I tried the technicolor ftp client (TC7230) many times and did not reach any useful result. If ftp better use a pc client.

A_Trumplinov (not verified)
Hello, you can write to

Hello, you can write to
We recently did an internet speed test on our hosting.

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