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SBG900 issues

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SBG900 issues

Hi Group

Do you have any issues with SBG900 cable modems? We're having troubles in wifi connections , random resets and config parameters got erased.

Could be a version bug perhaps?

Thanks in advance


What firmware are they running?


Seems to me like a firmware

Seems to me like a firmware version problem ...

What software version do you

What software version do you have? Latest is SBG900-

But really, I would recommend against this model. The max throughput is capped at about 16Mbps, and they are ancient.

I think their wireless was open by default as well which is pretty risky.

There's much better gear available these days.

Yes we are too having issues

Yes we are too having issues with cable modem Motorola SBG901. We are now running on firmware: SBG901-
We have not rolled out new firmware yet due to some issues with our CMTS.

latest firmware

Hi guys thanks for your replies. Could you send me the latest firmware? my email is

Thanks in advance

Do you have SBG901-



Would love a copy of that firmware.. I also have an SBG900 that apparently is not remotely disco'ng even though it's disabled.

Here is our no access file..
NetworkAccess 0;
MaxCPE 1;
ClassID 1;
MaxRateDown 100000;
MaxRateUp 10000;
PrivacyEnable 0;
/* CmMic 56700206f25dd7824786daaea55e4b41; */
/* CmtsMic ad11c3085033850cba0873b7510787df; */


We've had an immense amount of issues with the wireless chipset in this modem (and any other modems with this wireless chip) since around the last major IOS update in 2014. The only solution we could find to get these stable past 3 devices (especially any apple devices in the mix) was to either revert back to WEP security on wifi, or outright replace them. We had no resolution with any firmware that was available through 2015.

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