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Arris TM601B ring issue

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Arris TM601B ring issue

I have experienced the following issue with this modem type:

After successful provisioning, when i call the phone number
which is behind the modem, the phone rings once and a little, nothing more.
If I'm fast enough and pick up the phone, then I can speak, all is well.
But if I'm slow, then I only hear a busy signal..
This time the mta Callp trace show "Temporary unavailable." SIP message.

I would like to know, this is a Arris mta issue, because no one noticed this before
other types of mta.
I found few similar reports on this site, but there was no answer.

CM Hardware Information:
System: ARRIS Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 / SIP 2.0 Touchstone Telephony Modem HW_REV: 05
VENDOR: Arris Interactive, L.L.C.
BOOTR: 6.24
Product Type: 00000204 010813e1
Product Release: 00000005
Flash Part: AM29LV320MB
Download Revision: 2
Firmware Revision: 6.4.36.EURO.SIP

I tried to add many "suspicious" mta oids to the mta config, but no success,
maybe anyone have an idea?

what a surprise..

Other arris mta (tm822, 862) ring properly with the same mta-config.
-> sw or mta-type bug (?!)

Perhaps unplug that line from

Perhaps unplug that line from the Arris, and then call that number and see if it has same behaviour.

If it rings OK with line disconnected, next step might be to plug it back in and then run a loop diagnostc check from the Advanced web GUI.

Can't say I am familiar with the v6.4 firmware train, but I see 6.4.36 isn't the latest, so might be would be worth reading the release notes / upgrading.

When i unplug

When i unplug the line and i call the number then i hear busy signal immediately.

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