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DOCSIS Modem Status Definitions

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DOCSIS Modem Status Definitions

Does anyone have a list of modem status definitions

I really need to know what status C means

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DOCSIS Modem Status Definitions

There is exhausting documentation on about cable modems state. It`s called "Troubleshooting uBR Cable Modems Not Coming Online"
Although it`s called uBR it`s still applied to all DOCSIS 1.x & 2.0 CM`s. For example I have four Arris C3 CMTS & one Motorola BSR1000 CMTS. The CM states is the same.
Look this documentation in>Search
Concerning to your question reject(c) means:
Cable Modem has failed registration due to bad class of service (COS).

Typically this is caused by:
- CMTS router is unable or unwilling to grant a particular requested COS
- Misconfigured parameter(s) in Class of Service option in DOCSIS CPE Configurator, for example having two classes of service with the same ID.

Hope my answer helps you :)

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That was of great assistance...

Thanks you,

status definitions

init(o) Option file transfer was started.
init(t) Time-of-day (TOD) exchange was started.
init(r1) CM sent initial ranging parameters.
init(r2) CM is ranging.
init(rc) Ranging is complete.
dhcp(d) DHCP Discover was sent by CM.
dhcp(o) DHCP Offer was received.
dhcp(req) DHCP Request was sent by CM.
dhcp(ack) DHCP Ack was received, IP address was assigned by DHCP server.
online CM registered; enabled for data.
online(d) CM registered, but network access for the CM is disabled.
online(un) CM registered, but not enabled data. Fail to verify modem's identity by BPI module.
online(pk) CM registered; baseline privacy interface (BPI) enabled, and key encryption key (KEK) is assigned.
online(pt) CM registered; BPI enabled, and traffic encryption key (TEK) is assigned.
reject(m) CM did attempt to register; registration was refused due to bad mic.
reject(c) CM did attempt to register; registration was refused due to bad COS.
reject(r) CM did attempt to register, registration was refused due to unavailable resource.
reject(pk) KEK modem key assignment is rejected.
reject(pt) TEK modem key assignment is rejected.
offline CM is considered to be offline.

The source of information:
Find in the part 11-171 (show cable modem) in the 717 page.
Or see the image:

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