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Docis 2.0 Config File

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Docis 2.0 Config File

Can you suggest me the best docsis configuration file editor. and it would be nice if you can share a docsis 2.0 configuration file .

Windows or Linux?

Windows or Linux?

Windows, I like Vultureware config editor.
Linux, the open-source program docsis.

A 'docsis 2.0' config is really the same as a docsis1.1 config file. If you really want to make sure the modem is running in 2.0 mode, there is a field for that:

DocsisTwoEnable 1;

DocsisTwoEnable 1 is the

DocsisTwoEnable 1 is the default, so you don't need to include that in the config file. You would only bother using that TLV if you want to force a DOCSIS 2.0 cm to register in 1.1 mode.

If you are wanting to activate DOCSIS 2.0 support on your CMTS, you need to set your upstreams to mixed mode (tdma-atdma). Or if you are lucky enough to have ditched all your old D1.1-only modems from your network then you can set your upstream to atdma mode.

Tell that to the bunch of

Tell that to the bunch of SB5100/5101 modems I have out there not doing DOCSIS2 even after upgrading them. I have to put that TLV in to get those to register as D2 modems on the ATDMA upstreams. scm mac shows them as DOC1.1 DOC1.1 until I push the config with that TLV.

Granted it's not all of them, but a good bunch (40% or more on each system before I make the changes).


That would be correct, there are particular breeds of the 5100/5101 series modems that *DO REQUIRE* a motorola specific TLV in the modem config file in order to function in docsis 2 mode. Fortunately, the tlv is only recognized by those modems, and other modems will ignore it as unrecognized, so it is safe to put it in your general modem configs.

You still need the regular enable tlv in the config, however.

missing Motorola specific TLV

Can you post the Motorola Specific TLV mentioned that needs to be added to the config file to get them to register 2.0? I have TLV39 set properly already, but I have a bunch of 5101s and some 941s that wont register with QOS Provisioning higher than 1.1...the config file is built specifically with 2.0 options only....any help is greatly appreciated.

A CM can only register with

A CM can only register with the CMTS in either docsis 1.0 style QOS or docsis 1.1 style QOS

Docsis 2.0 was mostly upstream enhancements
Docsis 3.0 was the ability to bond channels

neither docsis 2.0 or 3.0 added a separate QOS so on a cisco CMTS at least the modem will register in docsis 1.0 or 1.1 mode.

That being said if you would like I can send you the MIBs from motorola.


Any help is appreciated. Just let me know how you prefer to send them.

sorry to bother just to be clear, not talking about TLV39....there is no Motorola specific TLV to activate DOCSIS 2.0 on the sb5101/5100? Contrary to what Capm is saying in the post above?

I have a ubr7246vxr, they only show 1.1 max for QOS that I have seen, so what you are saying would explain that then, thank you. but they also only show 1.1 max when doing a "show cable modem phy" for the value "DOCSIS provisioning".

so are you saying for that unit, it cannot physically ever show as DOCSIS 2.0 provisioned, even with that command too?

I have seen it on a Cisco document showing a modem that shows as provisioned 2.0, using that command, but can't get it to register as more than 1.1. I really need to know definitively what the deal is there. As I said any help is greatly appreciated. Best Regards.

The Solution to make a SB510x DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) Capable

Hi, every "black" cable modem from Motorola is DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 Capable.

In the case of the SB5100 it could be quite strange. The SB5100 was the first DOCSIS 2.0 capable cable modem from Motorola and it happened that the loaded software was strict running in DOCSIS 1.0 mode. In this case you have first upgrade to an 1.1/2.0 firmware.

In the case of all other SB510x (1,2) it could be that the DOCSIS 2.0 (ATDMA) mode was deactivated in the Nonvol-Area of the configuration. For this you have to use the Mib CM-CONFIG-MIB::cmDocsis20Capable to enable it. BUT there is a bug: If you have already the DOCSIS 2.0 (ATDMA) mode via SNMP and the SB510x is still connected on a TDMA upstream, the docsis-cm-capable mib from CableLabs will show you the capability for DOCSIS 1.1 only on the SB510x. First after a new registration on a TDMA-ATDMA (mixed-mode) or ATDMA-Only Upstream the capability mib from CableLabs will show you DOCSIS 2.0.

What you have to do is to set the Mib while the SB510x is registered on the CMTS:
1. Look which state the GI-Mib is you showing:

snmpbulkwalk -v 2c -c public .
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.1166. = INTEGER: 2

If 2 then set it to 1 (enable)

snmpset -v 2c -c private . i 1

note: The IPv4-Address and the community public and private for your cable modem can differ on your site ;)

The setting happen in the Nonvol-Area on the cable modem, which means it will be stored even after a reload of the cable modem.

But be aware that the QoS-Settings on the uBR will you show only the QoS-Mode and this can't be higher as 1.1.

Here is the Mib in detail:


This object is used to enable DOCSIS 2.0 ATDMA operation mode.
Set to True(1) to enable DOCSIS 2.0 ATDMA operation mode.
Set to False(2) to disable DOCSIS 2.0 ATDMA operation mode.
This object is not accessible before CM completes registration except
in factory mode.
Storage: Permanent and Dynamic Non-Vol
Modification: Factory User Config
Reset To Factory Defaults: Dynamic Non-Vol

1 - true
2 - false

SNMPBulkwalk with and without Mib-Realm-Resolution:

snmpbulkwalk -v 2c -c public .
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.1166. = INTEGER: 1

snmpbulkwalk -v 2c -c public . -m ALL 2>/dev/null
CM-CONFIG-MIB::cmDocsis20Capable.0 = INTEGER: true(1)


Thanks for this, just used it and saved about 80 cable modems ;)

MIBs for SBV5121


Could you please send me the MIBs from Motorola for SBV 5121E?
Thank you in advance!



modem firmware

Could be an issue with the old firmware. can you confirm model and firmware you have currently?
I might have it, old.. not guarantee, but worth a shot

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