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Docsis Cable Modem Monitoring Solution

I am currently in the middle of developing a piece of software for monitoring your cable system. We have been using it in Camrose, Alberta, Canada for several years now with great success.

Before we started using the software we were running qpsk plant wide. We now run 16 Qam plant wide with some nodes running 64 Qam upstream.

I am not sure if there is any comparable products out there that do entire cable system monitoring, but if you are currently looking for a solution we are currently looking to further our success with the software.

Some of the key differences is we poll every modem, every time. This means that instead of looking at problem modems when a customer calls we are constantly looking at our entire plant. For a video of our results check out This is a 1 min video that is made of a snapshot every day for 8 months of our upstream SNR. As the video starts out you can see how our entire system was changing dramatically on almost a day to day basis. After the techs spent 8 months using the data we provided for them you can clearly see how the system stabilized with only a few modems changing day to day.

After seeing our success with this software, and the lack (or inability to find) competing solutions we thought we would see if there is any other cable operators that our looking for a similar product.


looks nice

I would like more information on how you map your clients and what exactly your polling. Also how much are you selling this solution and more.

Cable modem monitoring information

Thank you for expressing interest in our product. We currently poll the Tx, Rx, Usnr, Dsnr, Micro Reflections and codeword errors. The price will vary depending on the amount of support, integration effort and number of monitored cable modems.

For more information please email me at or call me at 780-672-8839 and ask for Adam.

Adam Domoney


I actually developed my own software too. Used old version on two sites, now using it in another customer. Albeit not as visual as yours, I have statistics of traffic/signals/bandwidth usage for each customer, remote reset buttons, inserting IPs,couple with a web interface and SQL database.
Nowadays I install it on top of docsis_server, and have done some sysadmin/network admin gigs to a couple of cable ISP providers.

TruVizion Cable Modem Network Diagnostics


Thanks for sharing that. Check us out at

Alex Rivera
ZCorum | Product Sales Manager

Hi everybody, has someone

Hi everybody,

has someone already expirences with the content of this document from CableLabs?

Proactive Network Maintenance Using Pre-equalization



Thanks for sharing

wittman, nice document, thank you.

we did some tests in our

we did some tests in our monitoring solutions, but it's still in early development stage. But our customers are rating this functionality very high, so we'll focus on this for sure.

affordable, robust provisioning and monitoring software for DOCSIS networks:

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