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static ip address

Hi all,

Since Docsis heavily rely on the dhcp server, is it possible if the client to have a static ip address at their end?


Static DHCP

Hi saintlan1,

if you don't have security features enabled (dhcp-authority, source-verify) you can assign the IP statically to the CPE.

It's not the finest way but works.

Through DHCP-Process you can assign the IP-Address statically to the CPE-MAC-Adress, its the better way to solve fix-IPs,
but if the CPE is changed you have to change the MAC-Address.

Some ProvisioningSystems are able to assing IP-Addresses to the Modem-Mac-Address, because in some cases it's included
in the dhcp-request of the cpe.


static ip

Hi Benedikt,

Thanks for your info, you said that some provisioning system can able do static ip even not knowing the mac address of the CPE? is that what you mean?
Yah you're correct that if CPE-MAC-Address were change you have to get the new MAC-Address and bind it again in DHCP.


Agent Remote ID


yes, you can assign the CPE-IP address according to the CM-MAC-Address.

If you're able to capture the DHCP-Traffic between CPE and Provisioning with wireshark look at:

-> Bootstrap Protocol
--> Option: (t=82, l=14) Agent Information Option
---> Agent Remote ID: CM-MAC-Adddress (normally)

What provisioning are you using?


Also keep in mind that there

Also keep in mind that there may be some config on the CMTS needed for option 82 to work.

For example on Cisco CMTSes you need to add the following command for option 82

ip dhcp relay information option

Try my patch to

Try my patch to docsis_server.;ELIO-RIPE;
Cisco&Docsis Admin; LIR pl.tkk

Your Patch


I followed your link and wanted to ask for the version 3.5. Is the patch designed for that
or runs it stable for now?

thank you


This patch is of 2.0.4, and

This patch is of 2.0.4, and its stable. I run it on several locations for ~10k modems and ~12k CPE
Cisco&Docsis Admin; LIR pl.tkk

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