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Public IP Solution on CMTS

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Public IP Solution on CMTS

Is there any solution for different CMTS's to use simultaneously the same public subnet ?
I am currently using CASA CMTS and Motorola BSR 64K.

Constantly i am facing a problem where every time i add a new CMTS or migrate a client from one CMTS to another the client is forced to change it's public ip address and doing so we have to add for each CMTS a different subnet.

Is this a thing that can be done at the dhcp server or CMTS configuration or should i configure a particular file to the modem ?

Any lead will help



Docsis enables you to use l2vpn setup in your configuration file of cable modem. That way you can aggregate vlan on a different router. I think is called BSoD Docsis. Take a look at it. This should solve your probem. If you have any additional questions please contact me on: