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Hello all,

I'm looking for some assistance configuring my first MTA in the lab. I have a ubr7111 CMTS and have successfully configured it to allow modems to join and have data services working with a variety of different modems.

However, I have recently acquired an Arris TM602G and wish to try to get it to register to an Asterisk SIP server. I believe the TM602G already has the SIP firmware installed, but since I acquired it second hand I do not know for sure. It shows firmware TS060460_101717_MODEL_6_SIP_PC20 in the web interface.

The modem is requesting a DHCP address, and downloads the CM configuration fine. I am attempting to use provisioning method 9 (gupi mac) but I have also attempted method 1 (basic.1) without success as well. Here is my current configuration attempting GUPI MAC, these files are in the open-source docsis tool format:

Cable Modem Configuration:

NetworkAccess 1;
ClassID 1;
MaxRateDown 20000000;
MaxRateUp 10000000;
PriorityUp 3;
GuaranteedUp 56072;
MaxBurstUp 1722;
PrivacyEnable 1;
AuthTimeout 10;
ReAuthTimeout 10;
AuthGraceTime 600;
OperTimeout 10;
ReKeyTimeout 10;
TEKGraceTime 600;
AuthRejectTimeout 9;
MaxCPE 2;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessIp.1 IPAddress ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessIpMask.1 IPAddress ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessCommunity.1 String "public" ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessControl.1 Integer 2; /* read */
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessStatus.1 Integer 4; /* createAndGo */
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessIp.2 IPAddress ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessIpMask.2 IPAddress ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessCommunity.2 String "private" ;
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessControl.2 Integer 3; /* readWrite */
SnmpMibObject docsDevNmAccessStatus.2 Integer 4; /* createAndGo */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDevHttpWanAccess.0 Integer 3; /* advanced */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDevHttpLanAccess.0 Integer 3; /* advanced */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDevTelnetEnable.0 Integer 1; /* permEnable */
SnmpMibObject arrisCmDevTelnetAllow.0 Integer 1; /* allow */
SnmpMibObject arrisMtaDevProvMethodIndicator.0 Integer 9; /* gupiMacMta */

MTA Configuration:

MtaConfigDelimiter 1;
SnmpMibObject pktcMtaDevEnabled.0 Integer 1; /* true */
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefCallSigTos.0 Integer 40 ;
SnmpMibObject pktcSigDefMediaStreamTos.0 Integer 46 ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgProxyAdr.0 String "" ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgProxyType.0 Integer 0; /* ipv4 */
SnmpMibObject sipCfgRegistrarAdr.0 String "" ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgRegistrarType.0 Integer 0; /* ipv4 */
SnmpMibObject ppCfgMtaCallpFeatureSwitch.0 Integer 16384 ;
SnmpMibObject ifAdminStatus.9 Integer 1; /* up */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingDelay.9 Integer 30 ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgPortUserName.1 String "1001" ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgPortDisplayName.1 String "1001" ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgPortLogin.1 String "1001" ;
SnmpMibObject sipCfgPortPassword.1 String "abcd" ;
SnmpMibObject ifAdminStatus.10 Integer 2; /* down */
SnmpMibObject pktcNcsEndPntConfigCallWaitingDelay.10 Integer 30 ;
MtaConfigDelimiter 255;

In addition to these configuration files, I have configured DHCP options in accordance with the post at, and I believe those options are correct and I do see the MTA accepting the offer. I also see the MTA downloading the configuration file via TFTP using it's mac address filename as expected.

My main problem is the MTA is seemly rejecting the configuration file. The MTA process in the web interface shows as failConfigFileError. I have tried several variations of MTA config as found here, but all of them are rejecting. I'm trying to figure out what part of the config file the MTA does not like. I saw some posts alluding to the page at to enable telnet to assist in debugging, but when I visit this page all I get is "Access to this web page is currently unavailable.", which sounds like that page is disabled, despite the advanced portions of the web UI are enabled. My CM configuration file also has the lines for telnet enable inside it, but telnet connections are still refused.

Is anyone able to spot any errors in my configuration or assist with getting telnet enabled?