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I want UBR10-PWR(part number J85480S1 L30)

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I want UBR10-PWR(part number J85480S1 L30)

Please let me know if you know
I would like to purchase the following.

uBR 10012 AC-Input Power Shelves
(P / N: J85480S1 L30)

However, we can not find the stock.

I found info on L21-29 but not L30

・Where can I buy L30?

・Are there any differences between L30 and L21-29?
Is there compatibility?

Thank you.

Hang on, can you please

Hang on, can you please clarify what you are trying to do?

Do you need AC PEM for the ubr10k?

Or are you looking for a rectifier to take AC input, convert to DC, to feed DC PEM in ubr10k? (if this is the case then why not just install AC PEM instead?).

If you are looking for AC PEM, there are 2 x types
1/ The original type UBR10-PWR-AC (with 1 x mains lead)
2/ A newer, higher wattage type UBR10-PWR-AC-PLUS (requires 2 x mains leads)

From memory the -PLUS unit was needed when you stuff the chassis full of high-draw cards like 3G60. Or maybe it was required by PRE5? Cant quite remember now. I think it might have been PRE5.

You can mix the types in the chassis OK, eg 1 x original plus 1 x -PLUS. We stared buying the -PLUS only, and have used some of them to replace some original ones that died.

Dear mbowe

Dear mbowe

thank you for the advice.