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Getting d3.1 modems working on a 10k

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Getting d3.1 modems working on a 10k

We have several 10k's, all running the same ios: 12.2(33)SCE6

I know its an older code, but we cannot get docsis 3.1 modems connected to these cmts's. They get as far as init(o), then just go offline and retry.
We have 2 types of Technicolor modems (tc4400 snd gcm4231)and the Arris 8200, they all do the same thing.
The 10k's are being replaced, but that will take most of the year.
Anyone have any tricks to get these things working?
They only error entry I see in these modems is one I've never seen before:

"REG-RSP-MP Mismatch Between Calculated Value for P1.6hi Compared to CCAP Provided Value;"

Cisco has a bug alert for the cbr's, but we are beyond the errored firmware. I am not sure what the above line even means yet.



Are you running BPI+ and separate configs for the D3.1 modems? Excentis glosses over this, but there are some incompatibilities on D3.1 modems that may be present in your D2 / D3 config, that would keep it from validating. Stuck at init(o) makes me think that is where things are going wrong:


Thanks for the link, Killa! There is some good stuff there, bringing a new meaning to 'backward-compatibility' for sure!
We do run BPI+, and I don't have seperate configs for the D3.1 modems at this time.
They are in fact D3.0 cmts's.
I am slowly weeding out things from the pages in this link. The PKI part is where I'm going next.
Our isp has duplicated the problem (using their own configs, not mine, so now they are digging int it as well.)
I have to push this off until next week though, as some things have come up that need immediate attention.
Thanks again, I'll update when I/we figure something out.