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BSR64000 Not loading startup-config

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BSR64000 Not loading startup-config

We have a few BSR64000 units currently which are on
We've recently acquired a couple new units running 5.3.1P23.H44.KRBU and for some reason, they do not load the startup-config on boot. It saves it and if you manually issue a "copy startup-config running-config" it will load it, but I cannot figure out how to make this process automatic since we have never had the issue on our older units.

flag change

When the unit boots, you normally have about 7 seconds to stop the boot. reload the chassis, hit the enter or space bar to stop the boot when you see the count down. will show something like [64000] . type in p for print. this shows the boot like software location. near the bottom is flags. here it's set for 0x10 to bypass startup config. type c when back at [64000] this will allow you to make changes. hit enter until you get down to the flags section, type in 0x1000 and hit enter until down. ? or help will show options. @ should put it back to loading and the startup config saved should load fine


You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I tip my hat to you!

Upgrade stuff

Let me know if you have questions or need upgrades, can help with both


Actually if you have a newer firmware for the BSR64k that would be awesome.

Also, I've noticed with the differences between the version we were on and the newer version that there is additional information coming back from SNMP that the MIBs I've been using don't have definitions for.
rdnIfCmtsCmStatusEntry.7 - rdnIfCmtsCmStatusEntry.10
rdnCmtsMiscObjects.13 - rdnCmtsMiscObjects.18

Also, I'm receiving an SNMP traps that I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason for:

Any information on that would be great!