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BSR64000 software/fw/bootrom


I've recently obtained several BSR64k units with SRM4, TX32 and RX48 modules. Everything was running various software and bootrom versions. My research on the topic shows that I should be running 6.4.x.x software on all modules and bootrom 7.x.x.x.
As far as I can tell the latest v6 software should be - is that correct? Can someone please share a link to a downloadable version of this fw?
Can someone also share the latest recommended bootrom in the v7 series?

I've also stumbled upon a POST error on several TX32 modules:

Power-On Diagnostics Failure. Error Code: 0x3606

Research on the topic shows that this is a timing module fw issue and can be fixed by updating the fw on the timing modules on each affected TX32, but no additional information on how to actually achived this could be found. Here is a sample verison of one of the modules.

Timing Module Revision Info:
FPGA Ver : 01040000
PIC Prot Code Rev: 0100
PIC Main Code Rev: 0102

Any help and information will be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,

Yeah, the best you'll get is

Yeah, the best you'll get is for SRM4's.

If I recall, you can't load the 7.0+ on the SRM4's. I believe you need SRM10's for that. I don't have SRM10's, so I can't verify.

If nobody beats me to the punch by tomorrow, I'll see if I can get it out on a dropbox or google download for you.

old hardware

I think you have old hardware. the timing module is setup for 5.x software. when going to 6.x software it would fail. you'll need to load the 5.x software, upgrade the timing module and then be able to move onto the 6.x and 7.x software.
are you a reseller?

Xeno, what is your email

Xeno, what is your email address? I'll add you to my google drive/send you a link to the files.