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Anybody here use a CASA?

If you've bought a CASA C40G or C100G, what did it cost? Cost for Chassis? Cost per card?

This whole industry is very tight-lipped about costs until the sales guy comes to town.

Price the taboo subject

disclaimer.... I work for Casa so take what you may from this comment

Yes costs are a testy subject, there is a lot of variables, how many chassis are you buying, what configuration, how many channels are you going to use, are you doing CCAP, are you doing Remote-PHY, do you need redundancy etc.... The reason you need to meet with the systems engineer (this is what I do) is to find out what you need/want for your network. Then once it is determined what you need, they draw you up a parts list and submit it for a quote.

The reason for this is to avoid giving you a fully loaded C100G chassis cost, and then come to find out you only needed a C40G with one DS/US card and no redundancy to serve ~2000 customers. Then you would be totally scared off by the price when it was not anywhere close to the price for what you needed.

The Sales guy (not what I do) then determines the price they can quote, they take into consideration, quantity, likelihood of repeat business etc...

If your just looking for a ballpark figure shoot me your email and I will be glad to get some particulars, chassis count, card count, redundancy needs etc.. so that I can get you a reasonable ballpark idea.

The other option is to call up Casa and have a Systems Engineer come out and discuss your needs/wants. Then typically most MSOs request a loaner chassis for their lab, so that they can integrate it into their network, the Systems Engineer would help with that task. This includes converting your existing CMTS "golden" config to Casa, determining what build (IOS) you need to run on, helping you transition to the cli differences (there aren't too many), integrating into your monitoring and tools and so on. Then after your all tested and ready to go the Systems Engineer would help you get a quote put together to order chassis(s).

I can almost guarantee you that Casa will be cheaper than the competitors. And here is the company line... Casa is superior!!

Switching to another Vendor isn't always easy, who am I kidding, it is freaking hard, but there is a clear difference, Casa will bend over backwards to help you the customer, they will create a build just to address a bug, they will spend hours with customers just helping them figure it all out. They will get developers/designers anyone they can to make your experience the best one.

I am not just some sales guy trying to make a quick sale, check my post history, I am on here quite frequently helping others.

I'll have to bring up the

I'll have to bring up the loaner with the sales rep. Personally, I have never touched a CASA box. Having one I could even remote into to play with for a bit would be awesome.

Also, you're probably not too bad at sales.

I work for CASA too

I do agree with my coleague. There are many factors before quote correctly.