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D3 Multicast Upstream Direction

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D3 Multicast Upstream Direction

Can anyone give me an example of filtering multicast traffic in direction from CM toward CMTS. I am using Cisco ubr10k for Multicast over Docsis where 4 freqs are spanned to other widebands. In Downstream direction everything is ok, but i wanted to filter possible injection of multicast traffic (from end users) in upstream direction.

You could add something like

You could add something like this to your CM config files :

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDefault.0 Integer 2; /* accept */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.20 Integer 1;
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.20 Integer 1; /* inbound */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.20 Integer 17;
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.20 IPAddress;
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.20 IPAddress;
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.20 Integer 4; /* createAndGo */