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BSR 64K 10G port TCP issues

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BSR 64K 10G port TCP issues

Has anyone had any success using 10G ports on the BSR 64K? We are seeing some issues with TCP when we put some traffic load on the CMTS. I noticed something a little scary in some release notes:

Downstream TCP performance may be degraded when
source data is received on the SRM10G module 10G port with
a burst speed greater than 4 Gbps.

No workaround.
This problem is likely to occur only in pure
10G networks with an edge device sourcing
data to a single endpoint at 10 Gbps.

Is anyone using SRM10G cards in production?

Moved off of 10G interfaces

Moved off of 10G interfaces onto multiple 1G interfaces in LAG. TCP issues are gone. There is definitely something weird with these 10G ports.

sw release

What version are you running on?



firmware is
bootrom is

re sw

I'm traveling the next three weeks, but I will test it on the release when I get back and let you know what I find. haven't used it much as most of it's in a lab