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uBR10K Crash

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uBR10K Crash
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              I have a cmts ubr10k with pre-2 card and 5 20x20 card. The 7/1 slot card is constantly on / off. I was able to get the log when this error occurs. See attached data, has anyone ever had this problem? Is it hardware?


Could you place your card in

Could you place your card in a different slot?

What kind of power are you

What kind of power are you supplying to the 10k? 110V will only support 3-4 MC20x20 cards.

Power 220v

Cmts is on 220v. I have not tried the slot change yet. First I'll do more testing in this slot. So I noticed after taking all the cables it was 5 days without problem. Yesterday I put 2 cable to monitor and the board returned to restart. I removed these cables and will monitor to see what happens.

In annex plus data of all the boards of that cmts. The one with problem is the 7/1.

Thank you.

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