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PacketCable dqos-lite voice

Hi All,

I'm trying to make a simple dqos-lite voice call between two Cisco DPQ3212 modems. Everything has been setup and working correctly for normal dqos. This is not for deployment but to verify what the 'packetcable authorize vanilla-docsis-mta' really does work. From what I've gathered, I need to turn on this flag and provision the MTA's configuration file to enable dqos-lite. So the question is how to configure this in the file. I found some references to the emtaEnableDqosLite MIB, but this doesn't work on the Cisco modems. What is the correct MIB to enable in the MTA config file? Could this be provisioned on the MTA itself via the management URL:


Check the service flows


Unfortunately, I don´t have any docs for the DPQ3212, but if it is similar to other Cisco MTAs DQOS lite is active by default. In general, it is configured on the modem config file. If you have access to the Documentation, check if it is not part of the VSIF definitions for the modem.

You can do a quick check on the CMTS: if when a call is active you see the UGS flows created in addition to the "normal" BE flows, then DQOS is working.

Regarding your comment about the management URL, I believe it is not possible to set it outside the config file/snmp.