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BSR64K Bonding group

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BSR64K Bonding group

So I have a situation needing to know if its possible and how to accomplish it.

We have a TX32 (slot 3) with TxPlus and 2 RX48 cards (slot 0 and 1). This particular CMTS is at a mobile home community and serves 3 properties. The way the fiber nodes are setup is one transmitter with builtin splitter then each node has its own return path receiver. The issue is we have 16 fiber nodes. I would like to bring each node back to a single upstream port on the BSR, but I am not sure how to bind the upstream ports on both cards to the same cable interface (0/0).

Do we have to configure additional downstream ports (3/2 and 3/3) and another interface (1/0) for the second card to work? Would it work properly if we have all downstream channels going to all nodes but only certain upstream channels going to certain nodes?