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Help with MC20x20v 8-DS setup

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Help with MC20x20v 8-DS setup
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I am trying to increase our downstream bonding from 4 to 8 in our UBR10K. I have a tight budget and was looking to add 10000-SIP-600 and SPA-24XDS-SFP’s to make the transition to 8 downstreams. Our current setup consist of PRE2’s and MC20x20 cards. Will the attached layout of the port assignments work with using the DS from the card as primary for timing? Any suggestions and sample configs would be appreciated. I don’t currently have a time server and haven’t bought any cards yet.

Current Hardware-
2x PRE2
4x HH-1G
7x MC20x20V

You don't have to have SPA

1/ You don't have to have SPA/EdgeQAM to do 8 way bonding with 20x20
I wrote some more information in a previous thread :

2/ Your design wont work for 8 way bonding.
You cant mix onboard channels with spa channels within a single bonding group.
Also without a timing server, the SPAs are a bit limited..
With 8DS modems, you have to resort to doing things like 1 x onboard DS channel for timing, and then 7 SPA DS channel BG for data

Alternate with Timing Server


Sounds like I will need a timing server. I was just hoping I could use some of the downstreams on the 20x20 as a primary. We currently have 7 20x20's. 5 MAC domains each with 4 DS in each MAC domain for a total of 35. If a timing server is in place would the port setup below work using 4 SPA's for increasing downstreams to 8.


MAC Domain 1 - DS0 to DS7 (US0, US1)
MAC Domain 2 - DS8 to DS15 (US4, US5)
MAC Domain 3 - SPA DS0 to SPA DS7 (US8, US9)
MAC Domain 4 - SPA DS8 to SPA DS15 (US12, US13)
MAC Domain 5 - SPA DS16 to SPA DS23 (US16, US17)

Yes you could do that

Yes you could do that