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Question about Provisioning CM with fake dns

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Question about Provisioning CM with fake dns

hi everybody ..

maybe somebody have the same problem or have an idea to fix my problem.
I have one dhcp server to provision CMs and CPEs. CMs are provisioned as deny unknown in DHCP config and CPEs with allow unknown. Now i want an unknown modem giving a configuration file with very slow speed and many restrictions only to reach an internal dns server which gives the same ip to any requests (for information of new customers). The problem i have, the dhcp react of unknown clients for cpe and not for cm. Now i prepared another dhcp to provision cpes and one which provision cm (known and unknown), everything is fine but the cpe after the unknown cm gets their parameters from dhcp for cpe because it is unknown. How can i tell the unknown cpes after the unknown cm to use another dns server than the rest ?? Or maybe i´m wrong to fix this with dhcp, maybe there is another way to bring it on ?

Sorry for my english ..


captive portal


What you are looking for is a captive portal. I am actually working on this same solution for another customer. Contact me if you need help.

eric (a) kowalewski dot com

Some DHCP servers support

Some DHCP servers support conditional statements, extracting from the DHCP DISCOVER and REQUEST messages to allow you do identify unknown DOCSIS devices. We use ISC DHCP and CNR for this kind of thing.