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Inbound voice Delay

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Inbound voice Delay

We are currently running a form of DQOS-lite (-KDC server and BPI). We have a Ubr10K, Cedarpoint switch, and end to end QOS with Dynamic service flows created using Moto 5220's. We are currently experiencing an issue where we have delay with incoming calls. on-net to on-net and off-net to on-net. What happens is the person answering the phone says hello a few times before the far end can hear them pick up. The mta user hears a click like the connection establishes then everything is fine. I suspect this to be a moto issue and was wondering if anyone has had this issue before and if maybe you have a config file to look at as maybe I have missed a setting for offhook, delay or echo settings.



Inbound voice Delay

I had that same issue when there was a firewall issue between my cmts & call manager/pep servers. It was apparent when I checked cops connections within the cmts and saw no active sessions. The calls would eventually set up but be running on the primary data service flows with no QoS.