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Wireless Docsis at 10.5Ghz

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Wireless Docsis at 10.5Ghz

Does anybody has deployed Wireless Docsis for VoIP and Data Support?

Wireless DOCSIS

We have successfully deployed wireless docsis with VoIP support to over 4,000 subscribers in the 2.5 GHz spectrum. I haven't seen anybody do this at 10.5 GHz... I have seen point-to-point radios work very well at 11 GHz in QAM64 Modulation or higher going over 20 miles (dry desert area).

locomty (not verified)
Hi Arakasi: So what´s the

Hi Arakasi:
So what´s the maximum concurrent (simultaneous) calls per sector? Is this limited for the Upstream or CMTS? Are you using SIP or MGCP? Which CMTS model are you using? I heard Arris is providing support for Wireless Docsis and they developed a CMTS with high performance. Could you share your experience please with the technology?

We are also providing

We are also providing wireless DOCSIS using wireless TX and RX from Andrew, they are 3.5 GHz (downstream 3575 - 3599 MHz, and upstream 3475 - 3499 MHz). Our CMTS-es are C3 Arris. The configuration of CMTS-es are same as in cable HFC, but you have to use external upconverter feature (44MHz downstream - input of wireless TX), the downstream modulation is not recommended more than 64QAM and upstream modulation QPSK also not more than 1600 KHz. Voice QoS is working perfect also other docsis features.

pete hare
C3 configuration

We are running C3s in UHF DOCSIS but are having trouble getting the proper configuration to run. Can't get SCDMA working etc. Could you help us out? Will pay for intellectual capital.


I'm not sure offhand what the maximum call count would be, this would depend on if your subscribers are using the connection just for voice, or for data as well.
It should handle the load fine until the bandwidth limitations of the CMTS upstream or downstream are reached (unless the CPU is fully utilized; we've had to upgrade our CMTS CPUs on some sites as subscribers and bandwidth usage increase).

Our CMTS' are setup pretty much like a standard HFC Cable system, like the previous poster. We are running 6 MHz downstream channels at 64QAM and running 1.6 MHz and 3.2 MHz upstreams in QPSK OR QAM16. We can acheive about 27 Mbps per downstream channel, and between 2.5 to 10 Mbps in the upstream (minus some overhead...), depending on channel width/modulation. This is shared by all modems on that channel. We aren't using SCDMA, but are using TDMA upstreams with DOCSIS 1.1

Most of our VoIP subscribers are utilizing about 30-90 Kbps up and down per active call, depending on the codec used. We are using the SIP protocol with standard Linksys ATAs connected via a standard Cable Modem (usually Motorola).
We have up to 4 or 5 downstream channels and up to 12 or more upstream channels per transmitting site. We are currently running about 6 Cisco ubr7246's but we do have 1 Arris C3 in our system.
We've been interested in MGCP and Packetcable for VoIP, but have not currently deployed anything.

I'd be interested to hear more from others running DOCSIS over wireless...

pete hare
Wireless DOCSIS in UHF

That is exciting. How many DS and US channels are you using to do that?

We need some expertise to help us finish the configuration of our wireless DOCSIS installation. Do you have somebody who could help us out?

Docsis at 2.5 GHz

I saw your comment on the 2.5 GHz spectrum. I am about to start a similar project for wireless internet. The DS will be in the MMDS band, 2600 MHz. We are aklready providing digital wireless cable TV in that band. The Upstream is 2170 to 2182. I have to use some trunking radios to get the upstream back from some locations, as these go through many hops. Trunking is at 8 GHz. One concern I have is the use of ALC /AGC on these trunking radios, to ensure that the upstream levels to the CMTS are reasonably constant. Rain can attenuate the received levels from the 8 GHz trunking radios by as much as 10dB over a 20 mile path. Do you have any experience with this


I am very interested in this system. I am from Vietnam. My company would like to invest our public cable wifi project in order to expand our internet market. Specifically,our company is researching and preparing to operate this public wifi in Ho Chi Minh City based on DOCSIS 2.0 system.
I tried to contact with Motorola, BelAir,... However, I didn't have any reply. Please tell me, what should I do? Thanks so much!

10.5 GHz Deployment in Ireland

There is a company in Ireland which has successfully deployed a 10.5GHz DOCSIS network.
I believe they are running 64QAM on the downstream and QPSK on the upstream.
They are offering a voip service as well.
This is one of the most successful broadband systems in the country!

~ everlast

Wireless Docsis on 10.5 GHZ

We have successfully deployed wireless docsis (2.0) in two mid size cities in Mexico.
Internet and VOIP work beautifully.

Mexico Wireless

Just wanted to ask what cmts you use and modultation. since it's docsis 2.0 are you running 6.4Mhz wide on the upstream and what do you offer for speeds?