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Need help configuring THG540's SIP please!

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Need help configuring THG540's SIP please!

I just signed up with Kabel Deutschland for Internet, and I received a THG540 cabel modem. How do I configure the SIP ports on it though? I can't see any option anywhere to allow me to type in my VoIP provider's SIP information. So far I've been accessing the modem via the Ethernet port: could it be that accessing it via USB reveals access to all these settings? (Note that Kabel Deutschland is NOT my VoIP provider!)

SIP Ports cannot be configured by customer

DOCSIS is a platform that pretty much restricts changes in the operation of services on a cable modem or eMTA to be made by the cable operator alone. If that was not the case, the cable customers would get Telephone service from another vendor while the cable operator spent the extra funds to give him/her the eMTA device instead of a cheaper cable modem.

I am very familaier with the Arris TM502, and am not 100% sure about the THG540, but unless THG540 has a non-DOCSIS propritory interface or backdoor, only Kabel Deutschland can enable or disable the SIP ports. The firmware and or config files needed by the TA portion of the eMTA have to be configured in the CM part of the device. Why would Kabel Deutschland enable that if you have not purchased services.

Sometimes if you know the IP address of the TA portion of the eMTA you may be able to communicate through SNMP to the TA portion and configure it. I am sure Kabel Deutschland has shut that down too.

Best of luck hacking the THG540

Aqualung (not verified)
Myeah, I sorta suspected

Myeah, I sorta suspected that, but thanks for confirming. The point is that I was hoping to get rid of the two VoIP adapters (and of the accompanying wires and mess) that came with my VoIP service, and get the THG540 handle their jobs. It would've looked nicer to have just one device handling everything, as opposed to employing three, plus power adapters etc.--in a highly redundant, and categorically un-esthetical setup.

Kabel Deutschland can than take comfort at the thought that they've made everything possible to *not* make my life easier, at what would have been absolutely no sweat on their part. But hey, I guess I am underestimating the lure of the "If I can do some damage for free, why not do it" philosophy. I am, at this point, hoping that this "philosophy" will come through their nose.

Why not get a single ATA to handle your VoIP requirements.

They make ATAs with 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 lines. Why not ask your service provider to give you a consolidated unit. If not I may be able to help you selct one.

In USA there are large cable MSOs that to this day provide a two device service cable modem for data and ata for voip.

How many phone lines do u have between your two VoIP adaptors?