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Is this how it works?

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Is this how it works?

Could someone please post the actual steps a CM goes through to become registered? Doesn't it have to download two files? One that has the macs listed and another to set the up and down speeds? Or how do you add more than one modem at different speeds if all the modems download one file?

Actual steps from

Actual steps from cisco:
Answering your questions: no it downloads just one file (except if it is an EMTA in which case EMTA could download telephony config file as well). Probably, you are referring to DHCP and TFTP parts of the provisioning process. During the DHCP phase a cable modem sends a request for IP (and other networking stuff) and config file name. During TFTP phase it actually downloads the config, which name it was given during the DHCP phase

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This may have been the link

This may have been the link you tried to post:

Maybe not.
Anyways, I don't see where DHCP actually passes the cable modem the name of the config file. If this were the case you couldn't just use any old DHCP server. It would need to be a specialized one that broke standard DHCP protocol an passed the name of a CM config file. It does make sense in part since how would the CM know what to request from TFTP? But at the same time I don't think my Windows 2003 DHCP server is in the habit of passing CM config file names.