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CMTS 1000 Lab environment

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CMTS 1000 Lab environment
I am still trying to see if I can get a sample setup from scratch running for a used CMTS 1000 I purchased. I've been playing with the CLI but don't really know what configuration settings to make. Besides that I imagine I may not even have the correct connections, etc. in my lab environment. Could someone please verify that the diagram here is feasible to get working in a lab environment? Do I need any attenuators or anything at such short distances? [img][/img] Original link here:
CMTS 1000 thread

I don't know anything about those units, but I do see a config for an Arris 1000 posted at

There might be more info on the search:

That might give you a starting point. As for attenuators, it's likely that you'd need at least 20-30db on the return. The minimum transmit level of a modem is around 25db, but the return ports are normally configured to take ~0db. The sample config also shows the xmit at +59 so you'd need to lower that or use at least 50db of padding there too. With some of the config file generators and provisioning software at you might be in business.

Good luck-

thread7 (not verified)
If I look at this diagram on

If I look at this diagram on Cisco's web site [url]
I notice that they have an upconverter and are also using a spectrum analyzer. I can't imagine why I'd need the upconverter in just a test environment. As far as the spectrum analyzer, might I not need it and just get lucky on the power levels by setting it in the CMTS 1000 and hope I get the right amount of downstream to the CM?

booker (not verified)
I believe the 1000 has a

I believe the 1000 has a built in upconverter so no need for that. Also there really is no need for a spectrum analyzer in a lab enviroment. You will need to put about 45db of attenuation between the modem and the diplex filter which should get you to a usable level on d/s and u/s. You will also need to set up some type of provisioning server as mentioned above. Good luck.