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What cable modems to use for VoIP?

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What cable modems to use for VoIP?

What cable modems are easy to set-up for VoIP?

Right now I'm using a bunch of TM602G's and TM604G's.
Also a few TG1672G, but they often have issues. Voice works great, it's just everything else that s*cks on those.

I've wrote a bunch of small apps and scripts to translate between SIP <==> NCS / MGCP and I got SOME PKTC1.0 modems to work, but it's a godawful buggy mess.
I also know how to make PKTC 2.0 modem config files, but straight SIP would be preferable I think.

So I'm asking for anything that could work with free software only (DHCP, TFTP, Asterisk, etc...), and a no-name mini cmts.

We use Arris, Cisco and

We use Arris, Cisco and Technicolor eMTA.
Running SIP firmware, talking to Asterisk and/or Broadsoft

No Packetcable server.
Instead using each vendor's prioprietory methods like :
* Arris GUPI MAC encrypted
* Cisco dual-file mode-2 encrypted
* Technicolor dual-file mode-2 encrypted

DSx / DQoS Lite dynamic service flows on the (Cisco) CMTS.

Works very well

Does a SIP firmware for the

Does a SIP firmware for the DPC3208 exist, and if so where can I get it?
Also, what's the MfgCVCData I need for it?