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Arris TG3442x Firmware needed

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Arris TG3442x Firmware needed


is there anybody in here who has access to the Firmware of the Arris TG3442x? Unfortunately we have quite a few of those devices but our reseller doesn't want to give us access to the firmware.

If anybody could help me out, it will be really appreciated!

Is TM or TG exactly ? 3402

Is TM or TG exactly ? 3402 maybe fits ?
SIP, PC or NCS ?
Or what version you run now, by name exactly ?



thanks for your answer. I am running a TG3442S, the S firmware is the same as the TG3442CE version. This is definitely not compatible with the TM3402.

Do you have access to those firmwares?



I just checked and the Firmware of the TG34xx is universal. We are currently running AR01.01.107.01_052318_70.SIP.10.7.D31 right now, the D31 is not important, EU or NA would work aswell. If you have access to this please let me know, I would really appreciate it!