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CBN CH6541E / CH6643E - Looking for MTA MIBs

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CBN CH6541E / CH6643E - Looking for MTA MIBs

Hi to all
I am facing a problem with the VOIP.
I use D3 Cable Modems CBN CH6541e / CH6643e on Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS.

Are there any specific MIBs for these models in order to negotiatie and/or manually specify the codec i want to use for SIP.

For eg. i want to specify codec PCMA.

For those who are still reading this
The problem i face is that each of the modems randomly don't complete the calls.
This happens only when the codec PCMU is used.
From what i understood using Wireshark
I get this when :

Modem(A)--serves all codecs to-->Modem(B)
Modem(B)--sends reply: i have all codecs you want, but still randomly insists on PCMU-->Modem(A).
In the CMTS we see that the DynamicFlow is not created on US. It is created only in DS.

When this happens the call its not successful which means :
Phone connected to Modem(A) hears the usual ringing tone on its handset. - PHONE A
Phone connected to Modem(B) hears the phone is ringing and when i pick up i dont hear nothing while PHONE A still continues to listen the ringing tone on its handset till the connection drops due to unresponse from PHONE B

When Modem(B)--negotiate on PCMA-->Modem(A) the call is done succesfully
In the CMTS the DynamicFlow is created on both US&DS

So im thinking i need a MIB in order to manually specify the codec i want to use
Thank you for your time.


To find SNMP OID MIB name

1.- Do a SNMPWalk to the CM/MTA like this snmpwalk -v2c -On -c public
2.- Whit the OID names resulting do a google search for the MIB name