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modem state Reject (c)

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modem state Reject (c)

Hello everyone,
I have Cisco ubr7246 CMTS,

The configuration looks like this:
interface Cable3/0
no ip address
load-interval 30
cable tftp-enforce
no cable packet-cache
cable insertion-interval 100
cable bundle 1
no cable downstream rate-limit
cable downstream annex A
cable downstream modulation 256qam
cable downstream frequency 202000000
cable downstream channel-id 1
cable downstream description DS 3
no cable downstream rf-shutdown
cable downstream rf-power 50
cable upstream 0 description - US 0
cable upstream 0 connector 0
cable upstream 0 frequency 59000000
cable upstream 0 ingress-noise-cancellation 300
cable upstream 0 docsis-mode tdma-atdma
cable upstream 0 channel-width 3200000 3200000
cable upstream 0 minislot-size 2
cable upstream 0 power-level 5
cable upstream 0 range-backoff 3 6
cable upstream 0 modulation-profile 145
cable upstream 0 equalization-coefficient
no cable upstream 0 shutdown

and i am using cfg that looks like this:


NetworkAccess 1;
GlobalPrivacyEnable 0;
UsServiceFlowRef 1;
QosParamSetType 7;
TrafficPriority 3;
MaxRateSustained 128000;

DsServiceFlowRef 2;
QosParamSetType 7;
TrafficPriority 3;
MaxRateSustained 1000000;

I have cable modem epc3925 that stocks on reject(c)
and also i have epc3208 that goes online

can anyone help me please?

possible cert file update needed

thinking with it being an older modem model, the cert file may have expired or needs a re-cert added to the modem file
setting the clock back a few years make a difference?
Just a thought

hello dear,

hello dear,
I appreciate your time and your answer,
I have tried to change the clock but it didn't worked.
I'm not a big engineer on docsis thing. Can you probably give me some hints how to check the certificate?