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What type of device or "splitter" do you use to connect multiple modems

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What type of device or "splitter" do you use to connect multiple modems
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Hello guys

I am doing project on DOCSIS and i need to know what device do you use to split connection to multiple modems.I know that CMTS does have 2 outputs downstream and upstream and then you diplex them to one coax.I will post picture so its easier to explain.


Is this for a lab setup or live plant?
if it's a lab, you need to do some math. example, the downstream is 45dbmv. a 2-way would loose 3.5 dbmv. pads will be needed to lower the level downstream and make modems transmit higher to reach the receiver at 0 dbmv.
attached a basic diagram that should help

Yep its lab setup, started to

Yep its lab setup, started to learning about DOCSIS 2 weeks ago.
So if i understand this right, you combine downstream+upstream into one signal + you combine this with CATV signal, then you use lets say 8-way splitter for splitting signal to 8 cable modems right? Diagram was really helpfull so thanks for that.


for a lab setup you can use regular splitters, the diplex filter is optional since frequencies would be different. in real world setups, the downstream would be combined with channels used for tv onto optical transmitters and optical receivers would take the return / upstream signal and split off to demods for set top boxes, cmts receivers, test points and so on...