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What is the use of Upstream drop classifiers?

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What is the use of Upstream drop classifiers?

I was going through the packetcable multimedia specs. I came across "Upstream drop classifiers". Can someone let me know why this may be used in the filed?

Thanks in advance.

The legacy RFC4639 IP filter

The legacy RFC4639 IP filter system only supports IPv4, it is not able to filter IPv6

To filter IPv6 you need to switch to using Upstream Drop Classifiers

You cannot run legacy IP filters and UDC at the same time, so all rules need to change over to UDC style

Have a look at these docs on the cablelabs site :

of "DOCSIS 3.0 OSSI Configuration Management Technical Report"

"Annex F Protocol Filtering (Normative)"
of "Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications"

" Upstream Drop Classifiers"
of "MAC and Upper Layer Protocols Interface Specification"

Links to the cablelabs specifications.

These links seems to be outdated.
Any way we can have the updated links?
Looks like the specifications page doesn't exist anymore.
It looks like this a dashbord that has been removed