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Multiple DOCSIS (arris c3) in one cable plant!!!

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Multiple DOCSIS (arris c3) in one cable plant!!!

Hello to all!!

I am using 4 arris c3 cmts in one HFC plant. All cmts are managed by DMA SoftLab (radiusmanager with docsis support) .
All 4 CMTS are configured and working good i have no problems with configuration.
Lets assume:
CMTS1 410 MHz
CMTS2 418 MHz
CMTS3 426 MHz...etc

What is my problem?!!

I want to switch my modem from CMTS 1 to CMTS 3 In my management software i just checkl for selected modem from docsis 2 to be on docsis 3 (just change ip pool and send dissconect) Modem restarts and stuck on cmts1 410MHz and cant came online besause it is registrated on cmts3, If i go to my castumer and accsess modem directy via web interface and enter manualy freq. of cmts3 (426 MHz) ,save,reboot and modem is online.

This is only problem with motorola surfboard docsis 1 modems. I have cisco webstar 2100 modems and they work good, because if cisco modem detects there is no provisoning on that freq. it jumps to next freq. and looking provisoning, but motorola will sutck forever.

Is there any solution via cmts config to send modem to next freq if there is no provisoning on that freq.

sorry for my english, i hope i explaned my problem

There is solution through modem config.

Modem should get DS frequency from cm config file. Then, after provisioning it's redirected to new DS. For flexibility provisioning should provided through all cmts-es.