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RFGW-10 Power

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RFGW-10 Power

Greetings everyone, I know this isn't DOCSIS specific but I was hoping someone could help me with a few questions. We are planning to move into the M-CMTS world with an RFGW-10, PRE4 and MC3GX60V cards from an I-CMTS(MC20x20V). We currently use AC power for the uBR but the RFGW is DC only. Does anyone have a real world power usage for this particular setup of the RFGW? I plan to use most all of the DS-384 QAMs(about 500). The Cisco documentation says about 4500W but that seems awfully high(almost 100A!).

Chassis(2x SUP7-E, 2x TCC, 12x RFSW1, etc..)
4x DS-384(128QAM license)

How do you power the RFGW?

UPS > rectifier > RFGW
Rectifier > batteries > RFGW

Thanks everyone!

RF-Gateway Power

One that we just removed was using 5 of the 384 cards (and a 6th one as redundant) and 320 downstreams was using 36.5 amps. We replaced it with a cbr-8, which draws a 'mere' 86 amps.
Also, I believe the 10k with 3g60 cards licensed to 40x20 was drawing similar, I believe between 30-35 amps.

We are Rectifier > batteries > GW



Good luck with the depi tunnels!